2016-17 Accomplishments

Thank you to all whose enthusiasm and commitment to the Algebra Academy program helped us to grow and develop the Bruce W. Woolpert Algebra Academy during the past school year. With your support and active involvement, we have made huge program advancements.

The Bruce W. Woolpert Algebra Academy now serves students from eleven schools in Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties. August Immersion Week programs are located at Graniterock and Driscoll’s Corporate Headquarters located in Watsonville. High school students who are program graduates work as mentors to incoming eighth grade students. Hundreds of students, teachers and proud family members attend Immersion Week Graduation.

The Bruce W. Woolpert Algebra Academy is a model for collaboration between businesses, colleges and universities, school districts, teachers and our local communities. Together, we support and encourage students and their families to create a culture of excellence and high academic achievement that will lead to a better and brighter future for us all.

As a part of our work to continuously improve and advance this program, we welcome your thoughts and comments on our progress.

With best wishes from the Bruce W. Woolpert Algebra Academy Team,

Kevin Jeffery, Christy Zepeda and Rose Ann Woolpert

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