Our Results

Quantitative program assessments show objective improvement.

algebra_academy_32013 pre- and post-course student assessment tests showed student scores improving 25.8 percent.

Online surveys of the first class of 2009 Academy graduates show these students have been motivated by their Algebra Academy experiences, are taking Algebra II and Pre-Calculus as juniors, are planning to attend four-year colleges and are more interested in future careers in STEM disciplines.

According to Graniterock’s Kevin Jeffery, This program is about building confidence so when students get to high school and encounter trigonometry or calculus for the first time, they know they can tackle it. The Academy shows students how algebra connects to higher level math and why algebra is important well beyond the eighth grade. Professor Hu, who developed the original curriculum, says algebra is like a language. €œWhen you practice more, you will get proficiency, and make a connection to the real world.

Qualitative program assessments tell a story of success:

My 13-year-old daughter has forged ahead in her math classes at Aromas School thanks to the Algebra Academy. Algebra Academy Parent

Thank you for giving me this great opportunity and head start in life. I feel so much more confident in math than I’ve ever been. My favorite part was visiting CSUMB. I want to go there for college!Samantha, Grade 8

Thank you so much for giving this opportunity to sharpen our algebra skills. I’€™m ready to take on the world with algebra now. Jared, Grade 8

Thank you for providing supplies and extra algebra classes. These classes have helped me with a subject that was very hard, but now I understand more about math. I am grateful that I got supplies I will be needing for high school. Palmira, Grade 8

Sometimes, in school, kids don’t want to show how smart they are. Now, they’re given a chance to excel in a safe environment. It gives them permission to be smart.E.A. Hall Eighth-grade math teacher,
Susan Gallager

Collateral benefits of the Algebra Academy provide a great advantage to the school…
Tres Pinos School Principal,
Luciano Medeiros

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The culture at the schools involved in the Algebra Academy is changing. Incoming students are better each year.CSUMB Professor Hongde Hu

It’s important to bring the students to campus to show them UCSC is something they can achieve for themsleves, and part of that process is laying a strong foundation in math.UCSC Assistant Development Director,
J.J. Mack