Letter From a Principal

April 9, 2014
Kevin Jeffery
P.O. Box 50001
Watsonville, California 95077


I would like to thank you and everyone at Graniterock for having invited Tres Pinos School students to participate in this year’s Algebra Academy. The trip to CSU Monterey Bay on Friday was fantastic. The students and I were very impressed with how well CSUMB treated us as their guests.

The Algebra Academy program has been a very good learning experience for all of us. Once we hit the heart of the algebra program this year, my students began using concepts that they had picked up during the summer. It made certain aspects of my teaching much easier due to the fact the students had already internalized a strategy for solving the problems.

The collateral benefits of the Algebra Acedemy provide a great advantage to the school. The fact that the school, Graniterock, CSUMB and UCSC are all collaborating is a model concept that has been encouraged by many educational professionals for numerous years. When schools apply for grant funding, it is highly desirable to demonstrate that they have established collaborative partnerships with as many community stakeholders as possible. I am delighted that our group of community stakeholders now includes a business and two universities. In order to encourage our students to achieve the highest education possible and show them the job requirements of private industry, these collaborations are invaluable.

I also would like to thank Graniterock for allowing two of my students to participate in the field trips even though they did not attend the academy during the summer. One of these students is a special education student and he had benefited tremendously by participating in the Math Club and going on the field trips. He was on the fringe of all social groups and rarely socialized with his peers. The Math Club has allowed him the opportunity to socialize with his peers and he now plays with them on the playground and is accepted by his classmates as an equal.

I am excited that Tres Pinos School students have once again been invited to participate in the 2014-15 Algebra Academy activities. I hope that this partnership continues for many years to come.


Luciano L. Medeiras
Tres Pinos Union Elementary School